2001-2002 | Feasibility Study for a BOT based Privatisation of the Air Cargo Terminal and Real Estate Development including the Preparation of the Tender for 4 de Fevereiro Int’l Airport Luanda

1996-1997 | Bid Preparation for the Privatisation, Strategic Concept, Traffic Forecast and Business Plan for Melbourne Int’l Airport

1997-1998 | Bid Preparation for the Privatisation, Strategic Concept, Traffic Forecast and Business Plan for the Airports Darwin and Adelaide

1997-1998 | Bid Preparation for the Privatisation, Strategic Concept, Traffic Forecast and Business Plan for the Airports Darwin and Adelaide

1982 – 1984 | Airport Management Information System, Vienna Int´l Airport
1987 – 1989 | Strategic Airport Development Concept, Vienna Int´l Airport
1988 – 1989 | Business Segment Strategies, Vienna Int´l Airport
1988 – 1989 | Going Public, Vienna Int´l Airport
1995 | Marketing Feasibility for new products for Austro Control
1998 | Pre-feasibility Study for Airport Grosspetersdorf
1999 | Non Aviation Concept for Vienna Int’l Airport
2003-2004 | Retail Concept for Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart
2005 | Aviation Study for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
2009-2010 | Joint Research Project „Integrated Airport Planning System (IAPS)“
2010 | Planning System for the development of an investment portfolio in Air Traffic Infrastructure Providers
2011-2012 | Joint Research Project „Airport Impact Valuation System (AIVS)“
2012 | Strategic Evalution of an area extension of Graz Airport
2012 | Study „Holistic Valuation of a third runway at Vienna International Airport“
2012-2014 | Vienna Int’l Airport Integrated Business Planning System
2013-2014 | Slot Management System
2017 | Update Business Segment Planning System, Vienna Int´l Airport
2017-2019 | Update Business Planning System, Salzburg Airport
2018-2019 | Update Business Planning System, Vienna Int´l Airport

1993-1995 | Business Plan for Airport Minsk-3

2004 | Strategy Concept and Privatisation Study for Banja Luka Int’l Airport

2000 | Submission of a preliminary offer for a Total Airport Concession of Zagreb Int’l Airport

2010 | Development Concept Zagreb Airport 2040

2013 – 2014 | Business Planning System, Zagreb Airport

2015 | Project team, development of a Croatian transportation strategy

1999 | Participation in the Privatisation of the Int’l Airports Paphos and Larnaca on a BOT basis

1994-1995 | Strategic Management Training for Czech Airport Administration

1998-1999 | Bid Preparation for the Privatisation of the Int’l Airports

2006 | Share Purchase of the London City Airport

2008-2009 | Strategic Development Concept for Tallinn Airport, Ltd.

1996 | Concept for Cost Accounting and Management Information System for Tblisi Airport

1993 | Greenfields Airport Development Lasithi Int’l Airport Crete Island

2001 | Feasibility Study for Mashhad Int’l Airport
2003 | Development Project for Imam Khomeini Int’l Airport, Teheran

2010 | Strategic Development Concept for Airport Parma

1998 | Operation Management Assistance at Beirut Int’l Airport

1999 | Malta Int’l Airport Enhancement Concept
2001 | Privatisation of the Malta Int’l Airport

2006-2007 | Concession Agreement for Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport, Abuja
2015 | Pre-feasibility study –Ebonyi Greenfield Airport Project
2018 | Strategy Development Concept – Asaba Airport

2000-2006 | Development of a „Greenfield“ Project, Privatisation in the form of a concession, establishment of a legal framework on the basis of a „contrato ley“ for New Colon Int’l Airport

2008 | Bid Management for Sochaczew Airport

2008 | Strategic Development Concept for Bydgoszcz Airport

2006 | Pre-feasibility Study for Cluj-Napoca Int’l Airport
2005 | Market and Traffic Analysis and Development Concept for Romanian Regional Airports

1997-1998 | Strategic Concept for Int’l Airport Kogalym

1997-1999 | Management Systems and Airport Design Assistance at Novosibirsk Int’l Airport

2007 | Business Plan and Strategic Development Concept for South Russian Airports (Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik)

2005 |  Bid Preparation for Bratislava & Kosice Int’l Airport

2005 | ILS-Upgrading Feasibility Study for Maribor Airport

1997-1998 | Bid Preparation for Ciudad Real Int’l Airport

2004 | Development of Traffic Growth – Marketing and Sales Strategy
(Management Contract) Kruger Mpumalanga Int’l Airport, Nelspruit

1997-2005 | Support during Design, Development, Construction and during the Operation of a new Int’l Passenger Terminal and Car Park Complex at Ataturk Int’l Airport, Istanbulk, Istanbul
1999-2005 | Baggage Trolley/Luggage Cart Operations Ataturk Int’l Airport Istanbul

1999 | Pre-feasibility Study for Development of Odessa Int’l Airport
2005 | Strategic Concept for Kiev-Zhuliany Int’l Airport
2006-2007 | Strategic Development Concept for Int’l Airport Lviv
2007-2009 | Strategic Development Concept for Int’l Airport Kharkiv
2008-2009 | Master Plan Study for Boryspil Intl. Airport, Kiev
2009 | Ukrainian Airport Development Concept 2020

1998-1999 | Operation Management Assistance at Tashkent Int’l Airport

2001-2006 | Baggage Trolley/Luggage Cart Operations at Orlando Int’l Airport