Products & Services

for airports only

tailored to the unique needs of the airport industry.

all-in-one solution

combing all elementary fields of strategic airport planning, supporting the entire planning process and integrating several planning levels.

unique combination

practically tested conceptual design tools linked with computer-aided calculation models.

interactive decision-making tool

upfront answers to standard questions, short calculation times and easy understandable presentations for efficient decision-making.


early warning system

top management information at any time and at any place.

service or in-house application

to be used as part of a comprehensive service package or as a licensed in-house application, operated by your own planning department.

SAMS provides a comprehensive product and service program to support strategic and operational airport planning and related management tasks  such as “Airport Marketing & CRM”, “Strategic Airport Capacity Management”, “Financial Airport Controlling” and “Airport Sustainability Management”.

Each application consists of two logically and technically linked components:

Calculation Models
  • Integrated Forecast Models for linking traffic growth, capacity and investment needs, financing requirements as well as macro-economic and environmental effects
  • Multi-dimensional Scenario Planning Tools for planning in ranges as well as for mapping and comparing alternative scenarios
  • Dashboards for simple and clear presentations of results by using tables and graphics
  • Airport Management Information System as an integrated reporting system for the airport management and for external stakeholders
Conceptional Tools
  • Airport Balanced Score Card (processing proposals, planning forms and checklists to elaborate strategic concepts)
  • Customized Report Templates for simple and error-free reports and presentations

and is fully supported by AI-MS experts:

Technical Support Services
  • Help Desk
  • Data preparation and data integration
  • Updates
Consulting & Know-how Transfer
  • Training (staff training, workshops)
  • Consulting (support to elaborate strategic concepts and integrated business plans)

We also offer comprehensive research reports and tests to support planning tasks:

  • Airport Strategy Audit
  • Airport KPI Review
  • Airport Stress Test
  • Airport Asset Impairment Test
  • Market & Airport Traffic Review
  • Airport Capacity Review
  • Holistic Airport Project Assessment
  • Macro-economic Site Analysis

All software applications can either be used as a “ Service ” or can be implemented as an “In-house Application” of the airport operator.

  • In case that the airport operator has no planning expert capacities available in-house, partial airport planning and controlling activities can be outsourced to AI-MS. Thereby our experts take over the practical workload by using our software applications to underpin all concepts with quantified plans. At request, the whole planning system can be transferred to the Client in a later phase.
In-house Applications
  • To provide in-house applications we follow a simple “step-by-step approach” that allows phased implementation and step-by-step extensions.
  • Buy or rent: Rights to use our software applications are granted based on licensed usage rights. Such licensed usage rights may be granted either for an unlimited duration period (buy) or for a specific period (rent).
  • Single User or Multi User: a “Single Airport License” is assigned to be used for a certain airport location, a “Multi Airport License” covers all rights to use the application for several, pre-specified airports at various locations.