Combines all business planning processes and fundamental airport planning topics required to develop an integrated airport planning and reporting system.

Allows an in-depth evaluation of every day new, large amounts of data in a simple manner, and provides essential basics in a pre-structured, concentrated form.

All elementary topics combined in a fully integrated top-down planning model that allows scenario forecasts to show ranges instead of limited, one-dimensional previews or to show a-typical stress scenarios,

A detailed bottom-up planning model to individually plan seperate business segments

Combined top-down and bottom-up planning to set challenging targets on corporate level first and save considerable time during the more detailed planning processes at the business segment level.

A conceptual toolkit to design strategic airport development concepts by offering most recent background information about global trends in the aviation industry, giving guidelines and the associated checklists and forms, how to efficiently organize all planning and reporting processes.

Pre-structured report templates for annually, quarterly, or monthly recurring reports provided as printouts or as digitized reports – anywhere, anytime, at any device.

We also offer specially designed packages for special tasks of an airport operator combing selected elements to promote holistic thinking – to anticipate the constant change in market and technology – to identify future opportunities and risks – to set goals and priorities and – to take the right measures.